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when buying a car from Vermont out of state

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Discovering the vehicle you have always wanted is an amazing feeling, and it is not limited to your home state. The team at Twin State Ford encourages not only our Green Mountain State customers to come see us, but also those in neighboring states like New Hampshire and Massachusetts. When buying an out-of-state car from Vermont, you naturally will have questions about the entire process and what to expect. That is why our experts have gathered several commonly asked questions about this very topic because you deserve total transparency. Check out the details below and then begin your shopping journey!

Q: Where can I register and title my new Ford?

A: You can take care of all that back home once undergoing the necessary steps when buying an out-of-state car from Vermont*.

Q: How do I register my new vehicle in my home state?

A: Every state has different standards for fuel emissions and thus could require your recently-acquired model to undergo further inspections. Reach out to our experienced service team for more information.

when buying a car from Vermont out of state

Q: How do I sign up for automotive insurance?

A: You will need to bring along proof of insurance that is both specific to the state you are in and your VIN. Ensure your driver’s license is registered within said state and that you have a copy of your registration with the same addresses when buying an out-of-state car from Vermont.

Q: Can I receive financing through my bank or credit union?

A: Buying a car in another state means you will have to send over certified or wired funds before we schedule your vehicle for pickup or delivery*. The finance experts at Twin State Ford will be happy to help walk you through this process.

Q: How long does registering my new vehicle take?

A: This varies depending on the state in question. Factors like emissions testing, state inspections, or different fees can extend the timeline when buying an out of state car from Vermont. It is our mission that this all is finished within 60 days.

when buying a car from Vermont out of state

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Regardless of whether you shop online or at our dealership, the Twin State Ford team is ready to help you with every step. There’s nowhere better to consider than us when buying an out of state car from Vermont. Learn why today!

when buying a car from Vermont out of state

*See dealer for complete details.

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