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advantages of four-wheel drive

How Does Four-Wheel-Drive Work?

Driving sometimes requires extra power and traction, and that is where four-wheel-drive vehicles come in handy. Twin State Ford is your destination for Ford 4WD trucks and SUVs in Vermont, and our sales professionals will thoroughly walk you through the meaning of four-wheel-drive. Before you encounter how Ford 4WD vehicles perform during your test drive, let's take a closer look at their capabilities. Learn more about the advantages of four-wheel-drive, then visit us for a hands-on experience.

four-wheel drive meaning

What Is 4WD?

When thinking about how four-wheel-drive does work, keep in mind that it’s about seamless driving. It requires specific energy transfers to the front and rear axles of your vehicle. So, when you are driving through mud, ruts, sand, rocky terrain, or climbing a steep incline or decline, 4WD gives you more traction and power where it's needed. By engaging the four-wheel-drive mechanism with the touch of a button, the engine sends power to the transmission and then torque to the wheels for you to steer through obstacles with ultimate peace of mind. Prevent spinning wheels by choosing a 4WD vehicle.

4WD Ford Vehicles

The advantages of four-wheel-drive are numerous. For one, your options are more vast. Mostly, rugged trucks like the Ford Ranger, a Ford F-150, a Ford Super Duty® Series are known for their 4WD capabilities. These are all excellent choices. However, nowadays, you can benefit from 4WD strength in models like the Ford Bronco, Ford Explorer, and even the economical Ford EcoSport. Our automotive experts will help you understand how four-wheel-drive works and ensure you know everything about your Ford 4WD system so you can take on the mountainous roads of Vermont with complete confidence.

how does four-wheel-drive work

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Four-wheel drive is excellent for those off-roading enthusiasts or anyone driving in hilly or rocky situations. Plus, Ford 4WD vehicles offer a better grip on the road, especially when Mother Nature gives challenges that make driving conditions more extreme. Twin State Ford offers plenty of 4WD trucks and SUVs great for towing, and our skillful staff will help you locate the right one for your lifestyle and answer any questions you have. You no longer have to wonder about “how does four-wheel-drive work” because we have the answers. Stop by and check out our inventory of 4WD vehicles engineered to enhance your driving experience.

advantages of four-wheel drive

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