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As you look for your next Ford model, you definitely will come across the often-difficult choice of whether to buy or lease. But how do you know which factors to consider that will influence your decision? The expert team at Twin State Ford recognizes this can be a tricky process and we’re ready to help make it easier. There are distinct disadvantages and advantages for selecting to buy your next ride or going with a Ford lease offer in VT. We always want to make sure you get all the facts, which is why we are glad to say that we have brought together a detailed list of various pros and cons. Be sure to read over the list, think about if you want to purchase the vehicle outright or look into 2020 Ford lease offers, and then let us know how we can best help you today!

Buying Pros

🍁 You can consolidate equity with the option to own the vehicle for its lifetime. 

🍁 You do not have to be concerned with end-of-lease obligations, which means you do not have to be stressed about any wear and tear on your ride.

🍁 You can overhaul and tailor your Ford car, truck, crossover, or SUV model to better reflect your unique personality. 

🍁 You will not have to abide by mileage limits and can travel worry-free to any destination you would like.

Buying Cons

🍁 Your monthly payments will typically be higher.

🍁 You will not have the ability to turn in your current Ford model for one that may contain the most up-to-date technology.

🍁 It can usually take longer to sell your vehicle when you own it.

🍁 Interest rates increase for longer terms.

Leasing Pros

🍁 Going with a Ford lease offer in VT usually means lower monthly terms while driving the most current vehicles.

🍁 You will experience plenty of flexibility when it comes to mileage options and lease terms.

🍁 You can obtain the latest Ford model through a simple trade-in, thanks to the different Ford lease offers in VT.

🍁 You will be able to negotiate a mileage option that suits your unique way of life.

Leasing Cons

🍁 Limitations on your mileage will restrict you.

🍁 You will not be able to customize vehicles you obtained via Ford lease offers, 2020 or otherwise.

🍁 You cannot stockpile equity upon a vehicle that you lease.

Take The Wheel Today!

Our experienced fiscal team at Twin State Ford is prepared to assist you with the decision of buying or leasing your next vehicle. We will be thrilled to go over the various Ford lease offers in VT that we have and also show you around our extensive inventory of amazing Ford models. Contact us or stop by today and find the Ford you cannot wait to endlessly drive!

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