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Prepare Yourself Year-Round

Just as the weather gets warmer for families to prepare for extended time outdoors and on the road, winter carries a nuance, with its days growing shorter and the nights growing longer. Yet one thing is shared between the warm and cold weather conditions, and that’s utilizing seasonal car maintenance tips. Throughout the year, extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, wind, snow, and rain can seriously damage your vehicle if the proper measures aren’t taken. How will you prepare your vehicle for these impending changes year-round? Not to worry, the experts at Twin State Ford have you covered. We’ve prepared a car maintenance checklist that features necessary services that should be done regularly in order to enhance vehicle safety and avoid any issues. Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment today!

Oil Changes

To avoid added stress on the engine, it’s crucial to change your oil. By doing this routinely, it helps increase engine performance and longevity.

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Prep Your Tires

When you have your tires inflated, their alignment properly configured, and their threading inspected, you’ll be able to confidently take on the roads. Do you know if they’re capable of handling snowy conditions? Consider having them replaced with all-terrain or winter tires to get you through the cold New England season.

Climate System Tests

Your vehicle’s AC and heating units are required to work twice as hard to perform when in use to cool or heat up your cabin. Stay comfortable on the go by making sure it’s prepared to output the desired climate to your passengers when needed.

Battery Tests

During the warmer months, your battery drains a lot quicker than usual, but the colder months can be just as damaging when it may prove difficult to start your engine. Ensure your battery is receiving a high-quality charge by scheduling this service now.

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Brake Inspections

Ensure your brakes are ready for anything as the roads become slippery, no matter the weather. We’ll have your brakes inspected in order to determine whether their capabilities are enough to continue keeping you safe on the road or if you require new ones.

Windshield Wiper Care

You’d be surprised how often windshield wiper blades need to be replaced. Windshield wiper care is crucial to preparing your vehicle for maximum visibility in inclement weather. Consider having them replaced.

Hit the Road

Preparing your vehicle for the seasons ahead can work wonders in increasing the lifetime of your ride. Proper car maintenance will ensure your vehicle will be able to tackle whatever harsh weather conditions may be ahead. Schedule an appointment at Twin State Ford for further seasonal car maintenance tips.

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