EV Range & Batteries: Understanding Range & The Life Of An EV

Ford EV Range

Conquer the Road: Understanding EV Range and Batteries

At Twin State Ford, we're committed to keeping you on the road you love, and that journey is embracing the future of electric vehicles. Whether you're a seasoned truck driver, a style-conscious adventurer, or a family on the go, there's a Ford EV or hybrid option waiting to redefine your driving experience. One of the biggest questions surrounding EVs is: How long do EVs last? This blog dives into the world of Ford EV range and batteries, empowering you to make informed decisions for your next Ford. Follow along to learn more about Ford EV battery life, range, and other electrifying specs behind our favorite Built Ford Tough® models! 

Ford EV Battery Life

Exploring EV Range

Here at Twin State Ford, we offer a diverse selection of electric and hybrid vehicles to fit any lifestyle. Let's explore the impressive range capabilities of some of our most popular EV models:

  • Ford F-150 Lightning: America's best-selling truck goes electric with a bang! The legendary Ford F-150 gets a revolutionary upgrade with the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning. This powerhouse doesn't compromise on capability, offering two battery options to fit your needs. The Standard Range battery delivers an impressive EPA-estimated 240 miles, perfect for conquering city commutes and everyday errands without range anxiety. Need to haul cargo for extended jobs or embark on longer adventures? Upgrade to the Extended Range battery and unlock a phenomenal EPA-estimated 320 miles of Ford EV range. Whether you're dominating the worksite or exploring uncharted territories, the Ford F-150 Lightning empowers you to charge further with confidence.
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: Experience the thrill of electric performance with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E isn't just about electrifying performance; it's about defying range limitations. Choose the Standard Range battery and enjoy an estimated 250 miles of EPA-rated range, ideal for confidently conquering your daily commute. But the adventure doesn't stop there. Upgrade to the Extended Range battery on select models and unlock an exhilarating 312 miles of EPA-estimated range.
  • Ford E-Transit: Businesses can embrace sustainability and efficiency without sacrificing practicality with the Ford E-Transit. This all-electric cargo van delivers an EPA-estimated range of up to 126 miles, making it perfect for urban deliveries and daily operations. Plus, with its spacious cargo area and innovative technology features, the Ford E-Transit is a workday game-changer. No matter your business needs, the Ford E-Transit offers a range that fits your workday. Visit Twin State Ford today and experience the future of sustainable deliveries – powerful, versatile, and ready to keep your business moving.
  • Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid: For those seeking a taste of electric driving with the security of a gas engine, the Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid is the ideal choice. This versatile SUV offers an EPA-estimated electric range of 37 miles, perfect for errands and commutes.

How Long Do EVs Last

How Long Do EV Batteries Last?

Another common concern regarding EVs is battery longevity. The good news is that advancements in battery technology have resulted in incredibly resilient batteries. You can expect a Ford EV battery to retain a significant portion of its original capacity even after years of use. Most manufacturers, including Ford, offer generous warranties on their EV batteries, providing added peace of mind. To further maximize your Ford EV range and battery lifespan, consider these simple tips: Avoid extreme temperatures by parking your EV in a garage or shaded area whenever possible. Next, maintain a moderate charge level, don't let your battery drain completely, or keep it constantly topped off. Lastly, use designated charging stations. Although fast charging is convenient, you should use it sparingly. Rely on Level 2 chargers for regular charging. By following these practices, you can ensure your Ford EV battery delivers optimal performance for years to come.

Explore Ford EVs

With a diverse selection of EVs and hybrids offering impressive range and long-lasting batteries, you can experience the power and efficiency of electric driving without compromising your needs. Visit Twin State Ford today and test drive an electric Ford. We're confident you'll be surprised by how far you can go on a single charge!

Ford EV Range

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